How to Make Your Written Family History More Exciting

If you decide to write and publish your family history, you must decide if you just want those who share your common ancestors to read it, or if you want to sell it to a wider audience. A family history for a wider audience has to be more than just names, dates, and places. Here’s how to inject some fascinating readability into your family history that will make it more appealing to a wide audience.
While most written and published family histories are meant for just members of that family to read, or those that share a common ancestor if it is a particularly long family history, there have been some that have gone on the market as big sellers to a wider, general audience. What makes the difference between a family history that gets a few sales from people related to the ancestors mentioned in the book and one that a large, public audience wants to read? The main difference is excitement. Just about any family history can become a good seller on the general book market if it has some excitement in it... Read More