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Early Alabama, Arkansas, & Mississippi Settlers, 1700s-1800s

Most of the books reference early settlers of Alabama. Among them, you'll find a transcription of Alabama’s only remaining 1820 census return, an index to thousands of wills, and a collection of courthouse records of important events (for example, births, marriages, land transactions, deaths, etc.). Some of the most unique resources include a series of newspaper articles published between 1880 and 1899 on Alabama’s earliest families.

Pennsylvania Biographies and Genealogies, 1600s-1800s

This unique collection is comprehensive in its coverage of early Approximately 315,000 individuals referenced. Genealogically valuable because neither the State of Pennsylvania nor its individual counties had a centralized system of collecting vital information prior to late 1800s. Also valuable because you’ll discover many hard to find and out-of-print volumes.

Ohio Soldiers in World War I Military Records

Investigate your Ohio family’s participation in the Great War. Because genealogical records for this time period are somewhat limited, the excellent coverage provided in these books can be especially significant. Here you’ll uncover information from all twenty-three volumes of The Official Roster of Ohio Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in the World War, 1917-18. In all, the military records in these volumes reference approximately 250,000 individuals who served in World War I.

Virginia Genealogies and Biographies, 1500s-1900s

A rare five-volume Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, spanning three centuries. Also note the two-volume Maryland and Virginia Colonials, providing detailed, well-documented genealogies on 22 colonial families and hundreds of affiliated families. Within these books, you can find an incredible variety of genealogical source material, including private and public records – family Bibles, newspaper excerpts, parish notices, gravestone inscriptions, wills, inventories.