Pennsylvania Colonial Records, 1600s-1800s

Discover this significant collection of records comprehensive in their coverage of colonial Pennsylvania. Approximately 190,000 individuals are referenced within the newspaper abstracts, naturalization records, land records, court records, and family histories.

Much of this collection's importance stems from the fact that neither the State of Pennsylvania nor its counties had a centralized system of collecting vital information prior to the late 1800s. Among the unique resources, you'll find abstracts of Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette as well as the esteemed series known as Colonial Records - one of the cornerstones of early American record sources.

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Books Included:
Virginia Court Records in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Records of the District of West Augusta and Ohio and Yohogania Counties, Virginia, 1775-1780
Index to Pennsylvania's Colonial Records Series
Early Pennsylvania Land Records: Minutes of the Board of Property of the Province of Pennsylvania
Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania, Volumes I, II, and III
Names of Foreigners who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the Province and State of Pennsylvania, 1727-1775
Persons Naturalized in the Province of Pennsylvania, 1740-1773
Names of Persons who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania Between the Years 1777 and 1789
Abstracts from Ben Franklin's 'Pennsylvania Gazette,' 1728-1748
Genealogical Abstracts from 'The American Weekly Mercury,' 1719-1746