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Connecticut Local and Family Histories, 1600s-1800s
Barbados, 1637-1800 - English Settlers
California Birth Index, 1905-10
Canadian, 600s-1900s
Colonial Family Histories #1, 1607-1920
Connecticut Local and Family Histories, 1600s-1800s
Connecticut Family Histories #1, 1600s-1800s
Europe, 900-1880
Kentucky, 1700s-1800s - Early Settlers
Kentucky, 1700s-1800s
Long Island, 1600s-1800s
Louisiana Early Settlers, 1600s-1800s
Maine Settlers, 1600s-1900s
Maine, 1650s-1930s
Maryland and Delaware, 1600s-1800s Church Records
Maryland, 1600s-1900s
Maryland, 1634-1820
Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, Volumes 1-38
Massachusetts, 1600s-1800s
Massachusetts, 1600s-1900s, Probate, Town, and Vital Records
Massachusetts, 1620-1930, Local and Family Histories
Massachusetts, 1650s-1930s
Mayflower, 1500s-1800s - Family Genealogies
Mayflower, 1600s-1900s
Mayflower, 1600s-1800s - Descendant and Other Sources
New England, English Origins of Families, 1500s-1800s
New England, 1600s-1800s - Early Settlers
New England, 1600s-1800s - Family Histories
New Hampshire Settlers, 1600s-1900s
New Jersey, 1600s-1800s - Colonial Source Records
New Jersey, 1600s-1800s - Family Histories
New York State, 1760-1942 - Early Settlers
New Netherland, 1600s
North Carolina Early Settlers, 1700s-1900s
Nova Scotia, 1790-1860
The National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vols. 1-85, 1600s-1900s
Ohio Vital Records #1, 1790s-1870s
Ohio Vital Records #2, 1770s-1880s
Ontario, 1780s-1870s
Ontario, 1790-1860
Pennsylvania Family Histories #1, pre-1600 to 1900s
Pennsylvania, 1600s-1800s, Biographies and Genealogies
Pennsylvania, 1680-1800
Pennsylvania Vital Records, 1700s-1800s
Pennsylvania, 1729-1881, Adams, Berks & Lancaster Counties
Pennsylvania German Church Records, 1729-1870
Pennsylvania, 1740-1900 County and Family Histories
The Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, 1740-1930
Rhode Island, 1500s-1800s
Rhode Island, 1600s-1800s
Southern Genealogies #1, 1600s-1800s
Tennessee, 1700s-1900s, Early Settlers
United States, 900-1880
Virginia, 1500s-1900s - Genealogies and Biographies
Virginia Vital Records #1, 1600s-1800s
Virginia Family Histories #4, 1600s-1800s
Virginia Family Histories #2, 1600s-1800s
West Virginia, 1600s-1900s, Early Settlers
Lineages of Hereditary Society Members, 1600s-1900s