History of the German Empire, 1867-1914

"The German Empire was literally created on the battlefield, for not only was it the natural outcome of a war in which all the German tribes fought together against a hereditary foe, but the treaties which brought the States of the South into federal relationship with those of the North were concluded at Versailles, within sight of the ring of German steel which enveloped Paris. It was significant of Bismarck's determination to run no risks, now that the last stage of the struggle for unity had been reached, that he opened negotiations with the Sovereigns and Governments of the still outstanding States immediately the French had shown the first signs of wavering and had asked the price of peace..." William Harbutt Dawson 

The Germanic Federation, 1806-1848. 
The Frankfort National Assembly, 1848-1851. 
Bismarck - the First Phase, 1851-1861. 
The Prussian Constitutional Conflict, 1858-1863. 
Bismarck's Visit to London in June, 1862. 
The Elbe Duchies and the Danish War, 1846-1865. 
The Extrusion of Austria, 1865-1866. 
The North German Confederation, 1866-1867. 
The Hohenzollern Candidature, 1867-1870. 
The War with France, 1870-1871. 
The New Empire, 1870-1874. 
Church and State, 1868-1883. 
Social Democracy, 1848-1888. 
Protection and Fiscal Reform, 1879-1887. 
Social Adjustments, 1871-1888. 
Foreign Relations, 1871-1887 - France. 
Foreign Relations, 1875-1885 - the Eastern Question. 
The Colonial Era, 1880-1890. 
Bismarck - the Last Phase, 1888-1890. 
Emperor William II. 
Domestic Affairs, 1890-1900 - the New Course. 
Emperor William II. 
Domestic Affairs, 1900-1914 - the Reaction. 
Foreign Relations, 1890-1904 - Weltpolitik. 
Foreign Relations, 1904-1906 - Morocco. 
Foreign Relations, 1906-1913 - the Triple Entente. 
Foreign Relations, 1913-1914 - the Latter Days. 
The Franco-Russian Alliance. 
The Russo-German Reinsurance Treaty of 1884-90.

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