Irish to America Passenger and Immigration Lists Volume 2, 1846-1886

Sail across the Atlantic with your Irish ancestors using an all-new volume of Irish to America - completely new details for 550,000+ additional immigrants. Referencing arrivals in Boston between 1846 and 1851 and New York between 1866 and 1886.

You'll discover information taken from original ship manifest schedules - documents filed by all vessels entering United States. Irish to America was produced in collaboration with the Balch Institute Center for Immigration Research and the John F. Kennedy Trust.

A good deal of information in this database was collected from immigrants to the United States during the Great Famine (1845-1849). Between 1847 and 1854, 1.6 million Irish immigrated to the U.S., mostly arriving in New York, marking the first voluntary mass migration to the United States...

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