October 22, 2014

Death Certificates: Your Doorway to Your Ancestor’s Life

Death Certificates: Your Doorway to Your Ancestor's Life
It might seem strange that a death certificate, which is a document of an ending, could be the beginning of your journey into your ancestor’s life. However, a death certificate can hold a wealth of information that either directly tells

Indiana Deaths, 1882-1920

Trace your turn-of-the-century ancestors with information on approximately 886,000 individuals whose deaths were recorded in Indiana. Originally compiled by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), this collection covers 67 of Indiana’s 92 counties.
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October 21, 2014

Darth Vader’s Guide to Genealogy

Darth Vader's Guide to Genealogy
Have you ever wondered where your inner strength developed? Have you wondered about the people who may have passed you your intelligence, your fighting skills, and your survival instinct? Do you feel a dark power lurking over you and suspect

October 15, 2014

New York Deaths, 1700s-1900s

This information derives from a great variety of local sources including cemeteries, churches, newspapers, and town records. Because it originated with local sources, the information included here is especially valuable and would otherwise be quite difficult to find.
Knowing the date and location of a vital event such as a death, you can determine where to follow-up with additional research. For example, you may wish to write to the county to obtain copies of the original records. Original death records can provide you with information such as the names of the individual’s parents and the name of a surviving spouse, if any. The birth and death dates and locations may also allow you to find newspaper announcements about the person’s birth or death, which may provide more details about the family.
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October 14, 2014

How to Archive Family Keepsakes: Learn How to Preserve Family Photos, Memorabilia and Genealogy Records

Here’s another awesome little book that has helped me organize my family photos, heirlooms, and genealogy records.  I hope you find it useful as I have.
In every family someone ends up with Mom’s and Dad’s “stuff”—a lifetime’s worth of old family photos, papers, and memorabilia packed into boxes, trunks, and suitcases. This inheritance can be as much a burden as it is a blessing. How do you organize your loved one’s estate in a way that honors your loved one, keeps the peace in your family and doesn’t take over your home or life? How to Archive Family Keepsakes gives you step-by-step advice for how to organize, distribute and preserve family heirlooms.
You’ll learn how to... 

The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Vols. 1-39, 1650-1900s

Published by the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, the Magazine is distributed semi-annually to its members. This scholarly journal contains book reviews, methodological case studies, discussions of major resources, family histories and genealogies, and research guides.
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October 13, 2014

Genealogy Basics: Marriage Research Advice for Beginners

Marriage records are one of the three main types of vital records you need to have in your genealogy collection (birth and death records being the other two). These records tell you the pertinent details of the three most genealogically pertinent events in any given ancestor’s life. Depending on the type of record and the state, county, or town you get it from, these records can tell you not only when and where an event took place, but names of other relatives (such as parents), the age of your ancestor, the name of their spouse, whether they were married more than once, and so much more...

The National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vols. 1-85, 1600s-1900s

Among the oldest and most widely respected genealogical journals, the NGS Quarterly contains methodological case studies, discussions of major resources, compiled family histories and genealogies, and guides to research.
Originally published between 1908 and 1997, the essays collected here include information on more than 701,000 individuals.
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