Genealogy Gold Podcast: AF-088: Site of Salem Witch Trial Hangings Discovered: Why It’s Important to Genealogists

The location of the 1692 Salem witch trial hangings has been located by researchers. On today’s episode of the Ancestral Findings Podcast, I’ll talk about why this discovery is significant to genealogists.

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English Settlers in Barbados

Barbados is a Caribbean island that is part of the British colonial network. It was an actual colony from 1625 to 1966. It is now a self-governing constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as the titular head of state. It has a long history with humans, going possibly back as far as three thousand years ago, with definite evidence of human habitation existing back to around 1,500 years ago.
The original settlers of the island came from the South American continent and seem to have come in three groups. The first group were known as the Saladoid-Barrancoid, which were followed about 1,200 years ago by the Arawaks, and finally, the Caribs, who came about 600 years ago. The Caribs were the most politically organized among these groups, and they eventually became the rulers of the island until the Europeans discovered it...