Charts and Forms for Genealogy, and How to Use Them

Do you use charts and forms in your genealogy research? If you don’t already do it, you should. There are numerous reasons why. Some of the most important are for joining lineage societies, for sending copies of your work on certain family lines to relatives and genetic cousins who may be interested in it or ask for it, and for keeping a physical copy of your research off of the Internet, so you never lose your work no matter what happens to the digital world.
There are two basic types of genealogy charts: the ancestral chart and the family group sheet. As for forms, you can get blank copies of census forms, immigration forms, and military forms.
The forms are useful in their blank state, even though you can find the original, filled out copies of most of them online. This is because the typed portions on those forms, the sections that say what information is being given, is not always clear on the online copies. When you print out a blank form, you can read the information more easily, and so better interpret the data it is giving you.
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