The Secrets of Jackson Glen

When I first began poking around in my family tree I had thought that genealogy was pretty boring. That was before I discovered a great aunt that was rumored to have done away with three husbands. All died of a mysterious stomach virus – one of them on their honeymoon! 

I’m not the suspicious sort that looks for a conspiracy behind every door – but you must admit – it all sounds mighty peculiar. This matter came to my attention through family gossip. To my knowledge the authorities had never given these deaths even a casual glance. 

I was certainly no detective, but I had found many dead relatives through my passionate hobby of genealogy. Would that be enough to solve such a mystery? In addition, I discovered my aunt’s house had many hidden rooms and had been used as a speakeasy during prohibition? Add in a dead body or two and it was quite a riddle. It’s a story you won’t want miss!

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